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18 June, 2019 5:00 pm

Torri has been through the ringer when it comes to continuous brain surgeries. She has had 35 spinal taps, numerous hospital visits since she was 9 and at least 28 brain surgeries in the last 6 years. This would pull anyone down, but Torri, just keeps pushing on. She has found a procedure that could better her quality of life. This surgery could give her a second chance at life. The surgery that she needs is a venous stent placement surgery which widens the ventricles in her brain so that it doesn’t swell. She suffers from Pseudotumor Cerebra (IIH) and Hydrocephalus which is a condition where the brain thinks it has a tumor and therefore attacks the brain causing it to swell and crush her brain, optic nerve, spinal column and the brain itself. She lives in unthinkable pain everyday and this could take it all away if we reach are goal. 10 out of 12 individuals who get this procedure stay in remission for 10+ years, which for anyone of us who love her, we have been praying for this since day one. Torri hasn’t gone more than a year without being in the hospital so this would be life changing. Unfortunately she will have to pay out of pocket for this surgery.

This is where all of you come in. Torri needs her friends and family now more than ever. She needs our help, Torri needs $18,000+ for this new surgery and for travel expenses to get to Maryland. We are asking that anyone who can, please donate and anyone who can’t, please like and share and continue to like and share every day until we reach our goal!

Here are some links to learn about her condition:

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